A Retirement in Paradise: Visa for The Elders in Bali
A Retirement in Paradise: Visa for The Elders in Bali

A Retirement in Paradise: Visa for The Elders in Bali

October 2021

Bali’s exquisite natural landscape and warm hospitality have become one of the most ideal locations as a place you could call home. The tropical climate would be the most awaited attraction for the expatriates escaping the cold. Retiring on an exotic island surrounded by sun, sea, sand, and five-star cuisine is a dream for many people. But it’s certainly not the only reason to visit or stay long-term.

The Island of Gods provides endless top-notch nature sceneries and is popular with its well-loved warm hospitality. In 2021, according to the visitor census by The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Bali records 109,801 foreigners as currently living in Bali. This number is spread across people from almost every corner of the world holding permanent residency (KITAP), temporary residence (KITAS), and visitor visas for Indonesia.

Thus, Immigration Department has issued the long-awaited revisions to regulations that allow the granting of temporary stay permits for those over 55 years of age, to draw more number of retiring expatriates in Indonesia. The regulations can be seen below:

  • Retirement KITAS is a temporary residence permit that is issued to applicants older than 55 years for 1 year with the possibility of extending up to 5 years.
  • Post the first 5 years period, foreigners will be entitled to apply for KITAP- a permanent stay permit.


Retirement KITAS Index C 139:

  • Holders of this visa are not allowed to work, earn money inside Indonesia, or be involved by an employment contract with any party, respect and obey the Indonesian and international laws, regulations, and or public ethics.
  • Any violations of the Indonesian laws, regulations, public ethics, or any criminal case resulting from their misconduct and all kinds of taxes resulting from their existence in Indonesia will be their own responsibility


The regulations would be applicable with several required documents for the expatriates to obtain retirement visas from The Republic of Indonesia. If you are older than 55 years old, a retirement visa (retirement KITAS/ITAS) is one of the simplest and most convenient ways for retires to reside in Indonesia. You will also need to meet certain criteria to be eligible:

  • The applicant is 55 years of age or older and retired.
  • Possess a passport or travel documents with more than 18 months remaining validity
  • Copy of all passport pages
  • Eight passport photos 3x4 cm, taken with a red background and 12 photos, 6x4 cm, taken with a red background
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of marriage certificate, if married.


Paperwork Requirements

  1. Statement from Pension Fund Foundation or Bank from the country of origin (or Indonesia) of funds available, minimum of US$1,500 per month, from retirement income or investments to provide the applicant living expenses during the stay in Indonesia- Total US$18,000 per year. (Note: this amount is higher than many other countries' requirements). Married retired couples must both prove an individual income of $1,500/month and apply separately.
  2. Proof of medical/health insurance, life insurance, and third-party personal liability insurance in the country of origin or Indonesia (Note: Foreign retirees are NOT eligible to enroll in BPJS Kesehatan - the National Health Insurance in Indonesia)
  3. Statement of living accommodation in Indonesia. The minimum cost of US$35,000 if purchased house/apartment or, a minimum rental cost of US$500/month in Bali.
  4. Statement to declare intent to employ an Indonesian maid and/or driver whilst living in Indonesia (if intended)
  5. Payment of Immigration Fee based on effective regulations
  6. Sponsor letter from the appointed travel agency, costs to be paid by the applicant
  7. A statement agreeing not to engage in business activities or work for a living. You may not work in Indonesia on this visa.
  8. You may stay in Indonesia for one year on this visa, extendable up to five times (1 year each) for a maximum stay of five years (extensions can be done without having to leave the country).
  9. A statement letter of financial ability to rent an accommodation for a minimum of US$300 per month in Bali (you must sign a lease for housing with a minimum one year period) alternately you can supply proof that you own a house under an Indonesian spouse's name.

If only one spouse qualifies for a retirement visa, then that person can be the sponsor for a eITAS (semi-permanent residency - dependent visa index 317) for the dependent spouse that doesn't qualify. For example, if she/he isn't 55 years old. In other words, both spousal applicants do NOT have to be 55, just one.

Government’s Regulations For Countries Not Eligible For Retirement Visa

Note that the Keputusan Menteri Nomor M.04-IZ.01.02 Tahun 1998 and subsequent regulation M.07-IZ.01.02 TAHUN 2006, effective 31 August 2006,  limits the eligibility of the retirement visa to citizens of the following countries: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Israel, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, and Somalia.

Why Retirement Visa: Retirement Visa’s Perks

Benefits provided by The Government of the Republic of Indonesia have been one of the considerable factors for the expatriates to call Bali their home. With a retirement visa in Indonesia, foreigners will be able to enjoy numerous benefits, including the following:

  • You are allowed to live in Indonesia for many years
  • You can enter and exit the country as many times as you want to
  • You are permitted to open a local bank account
  • You can hire a driver and other services that assist your stay
  • You can lease land or property

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