Payroll Calculations: What You Should Pay Attention To
By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your payroll calculations are accurate and help to avoid any costly mistakes.

Payroll Calculations: What You Should Pay Attention To

January 2023

Understanding how to calculate payroll is essential for any business owner or manager, as making mistakes can be costly for both the business and its employees. There are many things to consider when calculating payroll, such as hourly pay rates, overtime pay, taxes, bank details, and more. When it comes to paychecks, everyone wants to be sure that the figures are correct.

By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your payroll calculations are accurate and help to avoid any costly mistakes.


  • Determine Gross Pay

The first step in payroll calculations is to determine the employee’s gross pay. This is the employee’s salary multiplied by the number of days worked.

  • Calculate Net Pay

This is their gross pay minus any deductions that need to be taken out, such as any taxes, social security, and health care.

For example, if an employee's gross salary is IDR 2,500,000 and they have a deduction of IDR 250,000, their net salary is IDR 2,250,000.

  • Distribute Employee Paychecks

Pay attention to the details of the following items: pay frequencies, pay periods, and pay dates when distributing paychecks. Paying special attention to start dates, promotions, and other changes in an employee’s pay can help to ensure that everyone is paid accurately and on time.

Often, this process is split into two parts: finalizing the payroll and finalizing the accounting. After all the calculations are complete, it is important to finalize the payroll and to validate it. This means ensuring that all the calculations are correct and that the payroll is in line with the company’s budget and policies. Any discrepancies should be corrected before finalizing the payroll.


Indonesian Payroll Options for Companies

In Indonesia, any company may have a dedicated in-house team to manage payroll and human resources. Payrolling, however, can also be outsourced. Employer of record is the only choice for a business searching for a worldwide employment solution to manage payroll, compliance, and onboarding.   The company must choose a professional employer organization (PEO) if it merely wants HR functions like payroll, benefits, and compliance management.


Why do Companies in Indonesia Choose Moores Rowland Indonesia to Handle Their Payroll?

In Indonesia, managing outsourcing and payroll is a lengthy procedure with a lot of compliance requirements. To guarantee that employees receive their salaries accurately and on time, employers must be acutely aware of deductions and employer contributions.

With the assistance of Moores Rowlands Indonesia, you can handle your payroll worry-free. With entity-less bulk payments, our skilled employment solutions support companies of all sizes throughout Indonesia. Employers can guarantee 100% payroll accuracy, and easily handle compliance or payroll difficulties by utilizing our worldwide payroll.

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**By: Stefani W. Anggraeni — Marketing Communications & Social Media Specialist