Moores Rowland Celebrates the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.
Board of director Moores Rowland Jakarta Attends Republic of Indonesia Anniversary Celebration.

Moores Rowland Celebrates the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

September 2022

Happy 77th birthday, Indonesia! 

Since the declaration of independence by Soekarno on August 17, 1945, and official independence after four years of war with the Dutch in 1949, Indonesia has gone through many ups and downs. Now we are in the Reformation Era and Indonesia's people live in a democracy with more freedom of the press. We should be proud because 2022 marks the year of Indonesia's presidency of the G20, which it will host in Bali this November. And in 2023 Indonesia will carry out the duties of the ASEAN presidency.

In the spirit of '45', the freedom fighters and  founding fathers of the nation, Moores Rowland Indonesia again celebrated Indonesia's Independence Day with activities organized and designed by our internal committeeTaking enthusiastic part in the events celebrating Independence Day and competing for prizes prepared by the committee were Moores Rowland staffers from the Human Resources department, General Affairs support, IT and Finance, Sustainability & FIHRRST, Outsourcing, Tax, Legal and Business Development, KAP Y. Santosa and Partners, and KAP Achsin Handoko Tomo.

The series of activities and competitions included remarks from the Board of Directors and Mr. James Kallman (CEO), Raising the Flag and singing the national anthem 'Indonesia Raya,' and a moment of silence. A dress code competition, quiz, and Tiktok contest were also held. Various gifts and hampers from sponsors were also distributed during the event. Well done everyone who participated and thanks to the Independence Day committee.

Meanwhile, the Director of Moores Rowland Indonesia, Mr. Baudouin Coomans, attended the 77th Indonesia National Day Flag Ceremony at the Istana Merdeka Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia, on the country’s Independence Day, August 17th, 2022. Mr. Coomans has lived in Indonesia for more than 30 years and he says it was a great experience for him to be at the ceremony. It was a proud moment as well for this great country and for our Moores Rowland leadership to participate in!

**By: Stefani W. Anggraeni — Marketing Communications & Social Media Specialist