Web Portal Launching - Moores Rowland Indonesia
The Soft Launching of the MRI Web Portal

Web Portal Launching - Moores Rowland Indonesia

March 2020

On 9 March 2020, Moores Rowland Indonesia launched a web portal as a platform to help the project stakeholders perform their tasks in a well-organized manner. Several clients including Group Dana (client Payroll), PT. Tlscontact Indonesia (client Payroll & Accounting), Tractebel Engineering Indonesia (client Payroll & Accounting), World Bank (Client HR Consultant), and PT. Progressivmedia Indonesia (client Accounting) attended the soft launching event in Pangrango Room, Moores Rowland Office, Jakarta.
Collaboration with clients is usually carried out through e-mail or paper-based transfer of documents between Moores Rowland divisional users and clients, which are not only costly but also time consuming and not easy to manage.

Through the web portal, it is expected that all stakeholders can have a secure, easy planning layout. The web portal will be able to assist clients and Moores Rowland team to map-out all the necessary steps, by easily establishing a hierarchy of tasks for effective and efficient completion. It can also indicate which steps are sequential and which tasks are dependent on one another.

Monitoring the performance would also be highly efficient since all the data are accessible and transparent, all stakeholders can look and follow the team who has their tasks. This also enables a seamless team workflow, as the leader of the team has the chance to always be able to track the tasks that his/her team is working on.